A Complete
Trading Journal
designed for you.

Start journaling and analyzing your trades to come to the markets even more prepared.

How it works

What's different about AlgoPro?

AlgoPro offers a user-friendly Trading Journal equipped with essential features for tracking and enhancing trader performance.

  • Overview Dashboard

    Elevate your trading experience with our comprehensive journal, offering insights into your cumulative profit curve, win rate, risk-to-reward ratio, profit factor, and more. Gain a precise understanding of your trades to refine strategies and optimize performance.

  • Detailed Dashboard

    Explore in-depth insights into your trading performance with our comprehensive journal, offering detailed analyses of your best and worst trading days, successful or challenging streaks, and additional metrics to enhance your strategic decision-making.

  • Trading Calendar

    Experience an elegantly designed calendar that visually represents your profit and loss on both successful and challenging trading days, along with a detailed breakdown of trade counts for each day.

The most important metrics in one place

High performance traders constantly use the key metrics available on a trading journal to evaluate performance and adapt accordingly.

Customize your analysis using filters

Whether you want to quickly compare your performance based on different trading strategies or emotions felt during trades, AlgoPro makes that easy.

Build confidence

Knowing what is working best will bring you the confidence you need to stick to your plans and execute better trades.

Start learning from your past today